Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gooseberry Fool

It's funny what nostalgia does to you.  I was in Alton, Hampshire, the other day and got some shopping in Get Fresh & Fruity, an absolutely fantastic greengrocer on the High Street.  When I saw they had gooseberries - a fruit I've not eaten in years - I had to buy some and make gooseberry fool, like my Grandma used to make for my sister and me when we were kids.

I followed Nigel Slater's recipe to the letter, never having made it myself before, and it was tasty but I reckon Grandma used to use a higher fruit:cream ratio - you want to properly taste those tart goosegogs.  I think I may have had sweet eating ones rather than cooking ones - I am speaking from ignorance, not realising there were different varieties, but I remember it being more tart.  There is a childish pleasure in screwing your eyes up when you reach a sour bit.

Forget counting calories, go make this and enjoy!

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